Air Strike Celebration? How about Our Celebration?

As I read the newest entry posted by Tun Dr Mahathir entitled Terrorisms, I wondered how Muslims should react to the Israeli Air Strike’s launched on the innocent and helpless citizen of Palestine. Some Muslims were in hot soup and began mocking the Israelis for their action. And one could also find those who open their hands praying to The Almighty seeking strength and asking reinforcements from the sky as to what happened in the War of Badar thousands of years ago.

Unfortunately, just praying isn’t enough. Imagine someone stranded in the middle of the dessert, where no water, food nor help could be found. One may think in order to survive, he/she shouldn’t just sit around in the middle of the dessert dumbly hoping for the rain to fall or miraculous help to come. Survivors wouldn’t do such a thing .Well, maybe somebody with brain damage might.

One must prays and begins to make steps closer to achieve the pray. In addition, it is a must to have faith on the pray too.

In particular, in the case of terrorism, everyone should agree that it has been a world scheme for a very long time, since the Israelis mercilessly and courageously destroyed countless villages, murdered thousands of innocent people, in order to accomplish their highest mission without a single voice to challenge them.

Somehow, looking upon our brothers in Palestine, sadly, Muslims don’t really care much. Most of them paid their attention to things that cause greater division of our ummah. In cases of Sufi, Wahabi, Syiah, Khalaf, Salaf, and so and so. Much of us don’t really care as we look upon our brothers and sisters being out numbered, confronting the oppression the Israelis towards them all alone.

As time passes by, the sun slightly to set down, and we see most Muslims lived with ‘maksiat’. The imam or ustaz among them were concerned with their ‘ibadat’ or to the ‘budak masjid’ only.

Hijrah is the time for change. Changing our attitude, and the way we to see things. To see and believe the awakening and rising of Islam in a better thought. Consequently, accepting that Islam will not rise up magically without effort or strife (as most of us think so).

So people, they(the Israelis) have had their own air strike celebration.

How about our celebration?

Yes, yes, the answer must be..



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